400 mg CBD – 60 ml Winship’s Hibiscus Bitters


Hibiscus Bitters

400MG CBD – 60ML Winship’s Hibiscus Bitters. Lab tested, non-narcotic.

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Hibiscus Bitters

400MG CBD – 60ML Winship’s Hibiscus Bitters


-Floral, lemon and berry flavors


Winship’s Hibiscus Bitters adds a beautiful floral accent to all beverage applications. Use our Hibiscus CBD elixir in cocktails or soda for a truly unique experience.

Each bottle of Winship’s 60 ML CBD Bitters contains 400Mg of CBD.

Winship’s Small Batch Bitters is a classic blend of spices, botanicals, and aromatic ingredients that make the perfect complement to your beverage or cocktail.

Winship’s Hibiscus CBD Bitters adds a new dimension to all your cocktails. This blend of spices and floral flavors that is truly superior for all hibiscus flower bitters applications.


Ingredients: Pure Grain Alcohol, Water, Spices, Sugar, Hibiscus.


All of Winship’s CBD Products are:

  • Lab Tested
  • 100% Legal
  • Non-Narcotic
  • Containing No THC
  • Not Psychoactive